RoMinimal Mix – Washing Room Sessions #1

It was time for a new Mix!

Turn your speakers on and pump up the woofer to listen this RoMinimal Mix, originally played live on Twitch.

As some of you are knowing, I left the Allen & Heath enviroment as I sold my beloved Xone:4D, so I used the chance to get better known my new setup, based on a Reloop RMX60 and 2x Xone:K2 (don’t forget to check the maps I shared for free to control Traktor with a single or dual K2’s setup!) and an Ableton layer for effects.

The music selection was made on the fly, and I used the chance to make a test with the new Maps and map some things to Ableton too.

I made a playlist on Spotify with the music I played (And some extra tracks)

Author: dottork

Digital Music Maker, Raves and Club DJ. Event organiser. Co-Founder of "Die Praxis", a DJ Colletive based in Germany. Member of the SGAE (Spain). Web solutions of Artists. Jr. Artists media manager.