Chill Out with RoMinimal: Washing Room Sessions #2 | Background ElectronicMusic

Chill out to some RoMinimal tunes on vinyl turntables.

Perfect mix for any occasion, whether you’re looking to relax, focus on a task, or simply have some background music.

There’s something special about the warthm of mixing with vinyl , these “tactile moments” when the hand touches the foreground melody.

The RoMinimal genre is characterized by its minimalist beats, deep basslines, and soulful melodies…

Perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.
So sit back, relax , and enjoy the tunes.

Originally played live on #twitch 01.12.23. Music selection on the fly

I made a playlist on Spotify with the music I played (And some extra tracks)

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Author: dottork

Digital Music Maker, Raves and Club DJ. Event organiser. Co-Founder of "Die Praxis", a DJ Colletive based in Germany. Member of the SGAE (Spain). Web solutions of Artists. Jr. Artists media manager.