Free Xone:K2 Traktor Pro 3 Map

I decided to share a map I used for the last months for my Xone:K2 with a basic set of functions to start mixing right now using Traktor Pro 3.

The Map is designed to use:
·Deck A and B
·Load Track on A / B
·Directory tree navigation
·List navigation (loaded directory)
·Main volume (a fader for each)
·Play / Pause
·Track seek
·Sync on/off
·Tempo Bend / Phase
·Loop on/off
·Loop length /2 and *2
·Filter on/off (+set)
·Beatjump -1 / +1
·CUE (Headphones)
·Grid adjustment (Orange layer)

There’s a video on Youtube (spanish) explaining how to use the Map.

The download is composed of 2 tsi files, one for the red layer (Mixerv1 R) and one for the Orange layer (Mixerv1 N)

Download it now for free and get a good basis to create your own map.

Author: dottork

Digital Music Maker, Raves and Club DJ. Event organiser. Co-Founder of "Die Praxis", a DJ Colletive based in Germany. Member of the SGAE (Spain). Web solutions of Artists. Jr. Artists media manager.