Project Type: EP

Voidness by DottorK Cover

Voidness (EP)

Voidness – A dark experimental Techno EP Two dark minimal techno tracks Where you can expect a constatnt hypnotic “synth hook” on a hand and a “spacial delayed lfo” on

Berlin School Techno - Saturate EP

Saturate (EP)

Released 03.03.2021 “Saturate EP” Available on Beatport, BandCamp and Streaming Platforms. berlin dark trip Videoclip on Youtube Berlin Dark Trip comes with a Videoclip (on Youtube) which starts taking the

Distorsion EP - DottorK

Distorsion (EP)

Distorsion is a “collection” of experimental Techno Tracks with different textures and ambients showing moments of peace and calm, dreams and expectations, or restlessness and rage along my way. There’s