Saturate (EP)

Released 03.03.2021

“Saturate EP” Available on Beatport, BandCamp and Streaming Platforms.
berlin dark trip Videoclip on Youtube


Berlin Dark Trip comes with a Videoclip (on Youtube) which starts taking the U-Bahn to finish in a Rave on a Flat. That’s a dark warm-drive Techno track inspired on the Berlin School patterns.

ClassiPad takes some type of classical pattern and adds and changes it energy with darker tones exponentially

Cover Credits

Original Image for the Cover is a hand-painted Canvas by LuThings

Videoclip Credits

The Berlin Dark Trip Videoclip was edited by me, taking the original Videos shared by this artists on Pexels:

Marc Mueller
Matthias Groeneveld
Lui Smither
Alain Santschi
Сергей Кончеков

Enjoy this experimental EP!

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Author: dottork

Digital Music Maker, Raves and Club DJ. Event organiser. Co-Founder of "Die Praxis", a DJ Colletive based in Germany. Member of the SGAE (Spain). Web solutions of Artists. Jr. Artists media manager.